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OMNY Health

OMNY Health Omny Health Inc came prepared with a full design of a new site using the Figma prototyping platform, and asked us to implement it using WordPress and Divi.
The Prodigal Species

The Prodigal Species This site is the kernel of a future book on a theory of civilizational design, primarily consisting of blog posts on various subjects related via science and theology.  The design is initially simple as they author wanted some of these ideas to...
Kevin Scholberg Design

Kevin Scholberg Design Mr. Scholberg is a graphic designer specializing in signage and branding for large clients: corporations, hotels and resorts. He wanted a minimalist design that would highlight both his customers and the graphical and physical elements of his...

Georgianne!!! A Facebook celebrity, Georgianne Dawgleigh, came to us asking for a single page site that tied her Facebook page with her YouTube site.  Future expansion is planned into e-commerce.
Georgia Rockets In The Sky

Georgia Rockets In The Sky This is the website of a yearly model rocket launch held in South Georgia. It is a basic information site, with event management and participant registration functions.